A Comprehensive Resource and Technical Guide to the US Digester Biogas Business

From financing options to design, construction, and operation of biogas facilities, The Biogas Book offers valuable insight and discussions of the key steps in the development of biogas production facilities. It contains expert, in-depth explanations of all phases of biogas production and its conversion to renewable natural gas (RNG), a leading-edge “green” fuel that can be sold to RNG pipeline owners for use in home heating, transportation, and industrial and governmental operations.

2024 Biogas Book Tells the Whole Story

The Biogas Book includes sections discussing each phase involved in the design, development, and construction of a fully operational biogas production facility.

Each section of editorial content is identified by a divider page for easy access to specific topics. Each section is complete with full-color ads placed by industry-leading companies involved in providing the services described in that section.

You’ll also learn about the valuable money-saving side benefits of biogas production. For example, the solid digestate by-product of a biogas operation can be used by farm operations as bedding for cows or as fertilizer for crop fields—a benefit that can produce millions of dollars in savings for a large farm operation.

Editorial Sections in this Landmark Edition of the Biogas Book Include: Debt and Equity Investors, Project Developers, Engineers/Installers/EPCs, Compressors, Digesters, Gas Upgrading Equipment and Suppliers, Accessories, RNG Energy Distributors, Ancillary Services.