Biogas Book Development Team

Biogas Book Development Team

Paul Greene, Publisher

Paul Greene has decades of experience in energy and environmental services as well as the water and wastewater management industries. He has in-depth understanding of such vital functions as technology supply, design, engineering, construction, project finance, ownership, and operations. He has also developed successful business models for developers and investors alike that include design/build/own/operate (DBOO), supply of equipment, project development, finance and asset acquisition, and operations.

Specific to the biogas production industry, he has process technology expertise in anaerobic digestion, renewable natural gas upgrading and Renewable Identification Numbers (RIN) valuation, waste to energy, digestate processing, manure handling, membrane bioreactors, and physical chemical treatment of digestate.

Paul is a recognized national leader in the US Biogas industry, having served as the first founding member and first Chairman of the American Biogas Council, from whom he received the prestigious Biogas Visionary Award in 2013.

He has been published multiple times in industry trade publications, including several Biocycle Magazine articles on renewable energy and biogas production technology. He is also a sought-after speaker and forum contributor at industry conferences and meetings.

Paul received his degree in chemical engineering from Pennsylvania’s Lafayette College. He lives in Historic Kinderhook, NY with his wife of 35 years.

Paul Greene

Paul Greene

Nora Goldstein, Editor

Nora Goldstein, Editor of BioCycle, the Organics Recycling Authority, has 45 years of experience in the field of organics recycling, writing and editing case studies and how-to articles on topics such as food recovery; food waste recycling; organics separation, collection and preprocessing; composting; anaerobic digestion, codigestion, and energy recovery; biosolids management; and markets for and uses of compost, digestate and other recycled organics. Ms. Goldstein also has been conducting national and state-by-state surveys to collect data on the recycling and organics recycling industries since the 1980s. Ms. Goldstein is widely recognized as a leading authority on food waste management and organics recycling, including industry activity and trends; current research and projects; and local, state and federal policies and regulations. She is ta recipient of the American Biogas Council’s Biogas Visionary Award.

Nora Goldstein

Dr. Joshua Lewis Rapport, Technical Advisor

Dr. Josh Rapport honed his professional, leadership, engineering, and R&D experience in industrial bio-processing facility design, construction, and operation over the last two decades. He holds degrees in Biology, International Agricultural Development, and Biological Systems Engineering as well as two patents and is a leading engineer and researcher in the fields of biofuels, nutrient recovery, life-cycle assessment, and bioprocessing. Most recently, he launched his own independent consulting company, Rapport Renewables (, capitalizing on his extensive industry experience.

Josh directed corporate R&D and process engineering efforts at two different companies for over 10 years, successfully demonstrating commercial viability of high-solids AD of food waste and low solids AD of dairy manure for conversion of organic waste to heat, power, and vehicle fuel. He has used his expertise to build and lead teams to integrate novel pre-processing, digestion, and gas conditioning systems, to model and design key components, and to develop efficient control and data monitoring systems. Dr. Rapport directed research and development efforts for new fertilizer and soil amendment products from digestate materials. He patented and tested novel commercial fertilizer production processes and has worked with farms and university researchers to test various digestate based fertilizer products in commercial agriculture settings.

Dr. Rapport has designed, built, commissioned, and operated three commercial food waste digesters, and he helped operationalize over 15 new dairy manure digesters producing renewable natural gas for pipeline injection. He has acquired and managed over a dozen grants and partnerships with the nation’s leading organizations, including Argonne National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the California Energy Commission, CalRecycle, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the New York State Energy Research Development Agency, the US Environmental Projection Agency, and the US Department of Energy. He has also provided technical assistance to companies making green ammonia, recycling residential wastewater, and methanol.

Dr. Rapport discovered his passions for sustainable agriculture and biomass energy while serving in the US Peace Corps in the South Pacific from 2000 – 2004, where he helped local youth groups make biodiesel from coconuts, compost, and small commercial egg production projects.

Josh Rappaport

Dr. Joshua Lewis Rappaport

Blass Marketing, Production/Advertising

Blass Marketing is a full-service marketing agency with offices in Old Chatham, NY, and Charlotte, NC. We have over five decades of unwavering dedication, passionately assisting businesses, regardless of their size, to reach their loftiest marketing aspirations. Our team of experts specializes in a wide range of marketing disciplines, including brand strategy, market research, advertising, content writing, public relations, web development, hosting, digital marketing, and SEO.

Blass has a proven track record of helping clients with every aspect of marketing strategy. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service, working closely to understand their needs and develop customized marketing solutions.

Blass Marketing proudly extends its influence across a multitude of industries, with clients in: • Manufacturing • Renewable energy • Specialty chemicals • Performance materials and ingredients • Technology • Professional services • and Not-for-profits.

We pledge a commitment to deliver nothing short of excellence, tailoring bespoke marketing solutions that reverberate with impact.

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