Ad Specs

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Email us at with any questions or to submit the copy for your sponsor overview article.

Artwork for all ads and copy for sponsor overview articles must be submitted by Friday 12/1/23

Ad sizes: (See diagrams below)
ALL NON-BLEED ADS (all standard ads)

  • Full Page Live Area:  7.25” w x 10.25” h
  • Half-Page Horizontal Live Area:  7.25” w x 4.75” h
  • Half-Page Vertical Live Area: 7.25” w x 9.625” h
  • Quarter-Page Live Area: 3.5” w x 4.75” h

PREMIUM BLEED ADS (Inside front cover, inside Back cover, back cover)

  • Full Page Trim: 8.5” w x 11” h with .125 Bleed all around. Live Area 7.25” w x 10.25” h

File Specifications

  • Files should be supplied in PDF/X1a (press ready) format.
  • Include/embed all fonts and artwork.
  • Density of 300 PPI required for all images.
  • All RGB or Pantone elements must be converted to CMYK.
  • Limit file name to 24 characters including the extensions.
  • Do not nest PDF files in other PDFs, EPS files in other EPSs.
  • Do not use illegal characters in file names.
  • Files that do not meet the above requirements may not produce the desired outcome of the creator.
  • BioGas assumes no responsibility for color shifts or other outcomes not intended by the creator of the advertising.
  • Document Settings
  • Ads should be built at 100% of live area size.
  • Printer marks should be offset .167″ when creating PDF-X1a files. Marks are not to touch live image or bleed areas.
half page

Non Bleed Ads

ad specs

Bleed ads for inside front cover, inside back cover and outside back cover placements only